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  • Admin

    If you need help then this is the place to post.

    Many of the members should be able to help you with a problem.

    If all else fails then your welcome to email me or message me on facebook.


    Crazy Bob


  • Admin

    Hi All,

    I’m Bob and the admin of the matrix and the members area. Feel free to introduce yourself to all the other members that will be joining.

    You never know who you can meet and what kind of contact they can be for you. So try to get to know each other and have lots of success.

  • For Facebook Users

    If you want to do something to help you grow, on the left of your Facebook you can click create a GROUP or a PAGE.

    I would say create a GROUP where people can post there business opportunities and if you do like I do in the right side in your group you will see a number with your members and NEW members . If you click NEW it will open an box and you can make a comment in each box.What you do is paste a message in the box and click enter then the next box and so on till they all done… ( if you do to many and a box for a captcha code comes up enter the code then after that stop for about 30 minutes and do more… )
    Welcome to my group.. Enjoy Posting your ads. If you have time please take a look at what I have to offer. ====> Your Link to Feeder