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LIMITED FREE TIME OFFER… Only if you really can’t afford the $10


I been doing a lot of online things since 1999. I have done very good online and had much success. When I first started I had no idea what I was doing. Like most people. Well I was very lucky to have met a lot of people that were willing to teach me and they did not charge or want money back. They just wanted to help others. Now since I have done very good for myself I feel I would like to pay it forward and help others just like when I needed help.

As the years past by the internet got so insane with all these sign up deals and scams and people are so sick about losing money they have invested over the years.  Just to work hard and make no money ever. Just to keep investing in things over and over and over.

What I have done is made a $10 – 3×3 Matrix that I do not charge the $10 to join. It does not cost me anything to run on my server so I thought I just get people in it for freeThis I do for people that really can not afford even afford to spend $10.

So if you like to get in it free , then contact me with an email. ( sales@crazy-bobs.com ) I will need your PayPal email address that you use because thats how you get paid. I will make your LINK that you would give out to people or promote wherever you want. If you are not going to signup or promote your links and get people to join then you will not make money.

I try to help promote peoples links on my sites, but this is your job and not mine. Thats why I put people in free.

So do not scream or yell that its a scam or you are not making money.  Either you work to make the money  or you dont make it. Also don’t scream and cry you lost money and make no money.. It is your own fault because you want to sit on your ass and do nothing and hope money comes your way.

IF YOU CAN AFFORD THE $10 Then signup Direct.  Click Programs on the top menu bar choose $10 – 3×3 Matrix or you can join the $105 3×3 Matrix too if you want.

What I tell people, is do the $10 and once you make your money in the $10 matrix invest in the $105 matrix. once you make your money in either or both, just recycle back in for the $10 or $105 and hopefully the people under you will do the same and then you will make the money faster and faster each time you recycle and at same time your bringing in new people to.


Good Luck and Hope to see you in the Matrix 


Also: I have a $105 – 3×3 Matrix if you like to get in that. It works the same way as the $10 – 3×3 Matrix only with a $5 fee at the end before you get your referral link. Get on our team in either program and make money with us…

  1. $20 make sure you click the button in PayPal back for the next payment
  2. $30 make sure you click the button in PayPal back for the next payment
  3. $50 make sure you click the button in PayPal back for the final payment
  4. $5   admin fee at the end before you get your referral link.

Click Programs in Menu Bar and join either program.



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