How To Promote Adult Cam Shows


Promoting Your Camming Show

The adult camming site that you’re working with does a lot to advertise and drive members to their site. This can be enough traffic to keep your chat room full and the money rolling in. Even with all the traffic you’ll naturally get from the network, it pays to do some of your own promoting. Here’s some ways to market your cam show.


Website and SEO

Building and maintaining a website sounds like it’s got to be a lot of work, but in reality it’s simple. Technologies today makes it much easier to do it than it was years ago. There’s even some website building tools designed specifically for camming models and other members of the adult industry.

Your website works as your main hub for everything you do. Let’s say you’re camming on one network and selling adult content on several others. You are able to list all the networks you belong to and services you offer in one place. With most social media channels, you can only indicate one website. If you’re placing your chat room link as your website, you might be missing out on referring web surfers to your other networks as well!


Google Traffic = Free (Earned) Traffic

Learning search engine optimization can take a little bit of time and effort, but it’s not that difficult. You don’t have to be an SEO wiz, but it pays off to know some of the things to be aware of when you’re building out your site. Once you’ve established good search engine rankings, you’ll get a constant stream of traffic from Google search and other search engines. This will lead to traffic to your chat room and other web presences, as well as increasing your social media following.


Free Fanclub Website Builder For Models

Build your free membership site and build a new revenue-stream. With a fanclub, you can set your membership rates and plans. Build a residual income from the monthly rebills from your members. Best of all, there’s a company that handles all the hosting and payment processing. They also give you and easy to use website builder that requires no coding experience.

That company is Model Centro, and they’re winning awards and constantly improving their platform. They work off a revenue-share model and you keep the majority of the profits!


Build and Host Your Own Website

Learn how to build your own website. Building a website is easy and it’s insanely easy to maintain. In fact, the money you make from affiliate marketing from your website should easily justify the monthly hosting expenses. The added traffic is also a very profitable bonus.

The guide linked-to above is how to build a site using WordPress. WordPress is a free open-source “Content Management System” that makes it easy to add and modify content without having any HTML experience. It makes web development incredibly simple and has many functionalities that can be added to your website. It’s easy to use and very robust and functional.


Social Media Marketing

Social media is your best friend. It’s a free marketing channel and allows people to share your content and grow your following. Remember when promoting yourself over social media, that not all networks are 100% adult friendly. That doesn’t mean you can’t market through them, it just means you need to be extra careful when sharing links and content.

Twitter, Tumblr and Dailymotion are a few networks that you don’t need to worry about when posting adult content. All the other networks you’ll have to be careful about. Some other networks to consider (keep it non-nude) are Instagram, Vine, Facebook and Snapchat. Be careful when linking from these networks as well.

Be sure to announce whenever you are going to be online, include some media showing what you’re wearing and mention what kind of shows your planning on performing. Keep it safe-for-work on all the networks that aren’t adult friendly. You can also use social media to promote any content or services you got for sale as well.


Your Camming Networks Marketing Tools

Depending on which camming network you choose, there might be some very valuable tools at your disposal. Whats available depends on the camming networks and some networks have different features. Many networks will allow you to message your followers and other members. This is great, because anyone your marketing to is already a registered member of the site. If they’re following you, you already know they like you as well. Take advantage of any method of marketing directly through your camming network.

Many camming networks also keep blogs where they occasionally host interviews with their models. Getting featured on the blog could be as simple as sending in a email requesting an interview. Certain networks even have their instructions posted on how to go about being featured on the blog. The blog content is also shared via the networks social media handles, earning you followers as well as publicity.


Promoting On Adult Model Directories and Forums

There are many camming model directory sites out there. These sites can be used to send valuable traffic to both your website and your chat room. It can also drive social media followers that can be converted into customers later. Web surfers will find you while browsing through these directory sites. Since they’re searching by categories and keywords, they’re also most likely interested in you and your shows. A list of model directory sites can be found on the link building section.

There are also many camming forums and communities on the internet. Although these forums are primarily for industry discussion, they can be used to promote yourself and your shows as well. It could be as simple as a forum signature linking to your chat room and your site, or you can go all-out and post announcement posts when you get online, discussing the shows you’ll be performing.


Promoting Through Tube Sites

Tube sites can be a great marketing tool. Not only can these sites drive a great deal of traffic to your site and your camming show, you can also partner with the tube sites and earn a revenue-share. It’s traffic and additional income. A win-win.

Uploading short videos is a great way to show off yourself and what kind of niches and fetishes you cater to. If you’re planning on being a tube publisher, it’s recommended to upload as much content as possible. This can be compilations of recorded shows, previews and teasers from video content you’ve got for sale, exclusive clips just for the tube sites and anything else you can think of.

It’s recommended that you upload the video under your adult name. This way people who stumble across your channel can Google your name and find your website and other web properties. It’s suggested that you watermark your videos with your website name before uploading. This way viewers know where they can find you.

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