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    My Herbalife Review

    “As a Herbalife Distributor, there are virtually no risks.

    “The only way anybody’s ever failed at Herbalife—and I’ve been around over 20 years—is they dropped out… Can you imagine in five years where we’re gonna be? What a great company. How blessed we are. Incredible.

    “The big money in Herbalife hasn’t even started to be made yet- 10 years from now? There are people that haven’t even signed up that will be making a huge amount more money than we ever made in this company.

    “Part of our business is entertainment. We entertain our distributors with opportunity, with dreams, stories, it’s all a part of what this company is.

    “If only 10% of this happened and you walked away with 5.5 million in passive income for the rest of your life, what would happen to your dreams?

    “The vacations and the experiences that you have the possibility to be a part of if you just use the products, wear the button, talk to people, come to the support systems, keep a great attitude all day long, all kinds of things can happen for you as well. . . . [J]ust the places I’ve been able to go in the last 15 years is just remarkable.

    “We decided to leverage ourselves and put our 4000 VP [Volume Point] supervisor order on the one and only credit card that we had left and now as I look back, that is the SMARTEST business decision I ever made in my life.

    “So you go okay well I don’t believe that – $5mil of passive income. Here’s my question – if only half of that happens and it’s 2.5 million for the rest of your life and you have another 30 years …how much is 2.5 times 30? It’s almost 70 MILLION DOLLARS

    “When I really fell in love with Herbalife is when I recognized you didn’t have to be that smart to do it. That was exciting for me. . . Mark Hughes only graduated from the 9th grade. . . . Unbelievable guy, but he didn’t have a lot of education.

    “If you are not getting rich today in Herbalife, I’m just gonna be honest – it’s wrong – it’s really wrong.

    “The bigger that team starts to grow, the more supervisors you have … the bigger your royalty check… you can go to the beach and every single month that royalty check will come in.

    “This opportunity called nutrition club is an opportunity for you to make tens of millions of dollars or hundreds of millions of dollars over the course of your lifetime.

    “We are financially set. We don’t have to work for the rest of our lives.

    “In the US we have an opportunity to go from 9,000 clubs to 105,000 clubs, and we still won’t have penetrated the market place.

    “Michael  Johnson, CEO sets the tone for not only the Company, but, more importantly, for independent distributors, that there is room at the top, that this is an aspirational business, and he paints that picture with kind of dreamy type of goals.

    “Guys, I penetrated a little market, we worked 5 and half years, we walked away, making tens of millions of dollars.

    “This is crazy; it’s like a snowball. Who would try to stop it? Nobody.

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