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Launch of Richard Mille RM 68-01 Tourbillon Cyril Kongo – specifications and prices

We get a lot of press releases in black and white every day, sometimes, just sometimes, there is one, just let your chin drop and hit the table. The first time I thought about this question, it was Mr. Richard Mille smoked or ate the wrong mushroom on his Spaghetti con Funghi. After careful observation – and reading the newspaper release – it became clear that this was actually the work of the graffiti/street artist Cyril King Kong, he did not use the wall / building / garage door canvas this time. He used Richard Mille’s tourbillon movement, a completely different ball that could be painted on such a small surface. This is Richard Mille RM 68-01 Tourbillon Cyril Kongo.

This new Richard Mille creation may be exactly the opposite of our magazine’s name Monochrome Watches. In the new collaboration between Richard Mille and Cyril Kongo, colors are everywhere, and they are very powerful. What triggered me was the craft. You can’t simply pick up a paint can and explode its contents on a mechanical movement. Guaranteed that it will no longer work. Therefore, in order to make this colorful timepiece, a lot of exercises and special tools are needed.

Kongo: “This requires special tools. After more than a year of experimentation, I was able to paint on a five-centimeter (two-inch) watch. Some pieces are only a few millimeters long, some are even smaller, and I have to Putting the lettering directly on them is enough to get a visual effect, but don’t use too much paint to avoid the balance of the movement. It’s like starting from a complete car, I have to be the chassis, the engine, and each piston Wait for painting.”buy Hublot Archive Hublot Classic Men 1926.405.1 watch replica


The Richard Mille RM 68-01 Tourbillon Cyril Kongo will have 30 pieces, each unique. Either way, you can buy a unique piece of art that is unique in many ways, because it may be the first time a street artist has the opportunity to use a bridge, a main board or even a main spring bucket as a canvas. Or rather a wall (or garage door). Buying such a unique piece will bring you back to just $685,000, and we don’t know how future auctions will respond to this unique art. The most important thing is: buy it to wear it and enjoy it. Although I don’t want to (hey, for some reason we call the website Monochrome Watches), I have to say that the level of craftsmanship is impressive.

This collaborative work showcases not only the craftsmanship of Cyril Kongo. The entire movement is pleasing as it uses sapphire crystal and stainless steel bridges. The Sapphire Bridge provides such a “lightweight” for the entire design, allowing the movement to float in the chassis. Steel bridges and most of the spray, but there are no hand-polished bevels to show amazing surface finishes, as well as direct brushing on flat surfaces. In other words, there are many impressive watchmaker crafts.

Whether it’s your watch or not, the craft is there, and it’s quite spectacular. Even on the opposite side of the sport that you can appreciate. One factor we should not forget is that (except for the FAR for normal painting operations) bridges, coatings on the main board and the main spring tube must be coated. We don’t want to get a small piece of paint between some wheels. All in all… an impressive job. Like all art: taste is highly personal, you may like it or not. There are a lot of this watch, more than once, we will not delve into all the technical details for this special creation of Richard Miller.wholesale replica watch perfect

Case: TZP black ceramic, 50.2 x 42.7 x 15.8 mm, 5 grade titanium flange around the movement, sapphire crystal on both sides,
Movement: movement RM 68-01, manual winding, tourbillon, 42-hour power reserve, free spring balance with variable inertia, hand-polished bevel, polished screw groove,
Strap/Buckle: Fabric strap with unfolded buckle.

Historic cooperation between artist Kongo and Richard Mill

The new RM 68-01 Tourbillon Cyril Kongo is a veritable “watch art” that will become a watch history. For the first time in history, the artist transferred his huge universe to the heart of the watch movement.

RM 68-01 is the result of Richard Mille’s desire to introduce contemporary art into high-end watches in an unprecedented way. In fact, this tourbillon movement is more than just a watch, because it can also be used as a canvas.


Inspiration and creativity for street artist Cyril Kongo. Never formed artwork on the bridges and floors of the watch, making it a truly indispensable part of the watch. Richard Mille and Kongo successfully linked art to large urban murals and transformed them into a micromechanical and sophisticated watch world that spanned from walls to bridges, substrates and sapphire dials.

Kongo: ‘I am from Grafti. All my works come from there. This is my painting school, I learned it on the street. I need to stay in touch with that world while paying attention to what is happening elsewhere. Graf ti is a language with its own code, a form of writing, whether on a huge wall, on a canvas, or on any other surface. I am not a painter, nor a specific surface.cheapsalewatch.com

It took more than a year to develop the painting technique used by Kongo. A special spray gun was developed to enable the artist to spray his color in the most delicate way, one at a time. In order to avoid jeopardizing the balance of the caliber, this is essential for its function and the weight of the paint must be determined in advance. All of the teams involved in the RM 68-01 project participated in this major challenge, thus creating a unique, brightly coloured, non-abrasive coating that adheres perfectly to titanium components and can withstand assembly and disassembly.

Kongo: ‘It developed special tools. After more than a year of experimentation, I was able to paint on a square table of a few centimeters (2 inches). Some parts are only a few millimeters long, some are even smaller, I have to put the fonts directly on them, enough to get a visual effect, but not using too much paint, so
To avoid getting rid of the balance of movement. It’s like starting with a complete car, I have to paint the chassis, the engine, every piston and so on.

This production technique makes it possible to use lines that are almost invisible to the naked eye, and it is not possible to make them directly, even if some of the patterns are drawn using a pen tip. Regardless of the technology used, each part of each watch is painted in the shade of a man named Mr Colorful.

RM 68-01 requires Kongo to reconsider his graf ti method to adapt his artistic vocabulary to a very limited surface. His real victory lies in how he can consider his work from all aspects of his work.JACOB & CO ASTRONOMIA SKY PLATINUM AT110.60.AA.WD.A replica watch

Richard Mille said he has delayed the maximum of watch technology. This is exactly what I want, bringing Kongo into the watch. He is not satisfied with painting paint here and there. Cyril Kongo passes it from the movement to the tourbillon through the case and dial.

On the back of the watch, we see that the center shape of the tourbillon core plate radiates outward, like a piece of paint that physically throws it toward the wall, and from the front we can see the arcs of different moving bridges in different directions. Such as street art murals. Designed with an NTPT Carbon case and a black ceramic bezel, this asymmetrical case is tapered in two directions – from 9 o’clock to 3 o’clock and between 12 and 6 o’clock. RM 68-01 combines modern machinery with visual art to truly reflect the timing of the 21st century.

Grair ti artist Cyril Phan was born in 1969 and currently lives in Paris and is internationally known under the pseudonym Cyril Kongo. As a self-made man and artist, he has brought himself to the top of the French art and culture world and Europe and other regions in just ten years. His mastery of the subject and his twenty years of membership in the MAC CREW group made him one of the leading representatives of the world’s Graf scene. Over time, he has developed and expanded his artistic vision and methods, accumulating in a completely clear artistic maturity, not just by Graf. Inspired by murals and murals, he essentially upgraded Graf to a genre.Review Richard Mille RM 68-01 TOURBILLON CYRIL KONGO replica Watch


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